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Construction and architecture (ICE)


"Building structures, buildings and structures", "Bases and foundations, underground structures", "Heat supply, ventilation, air conditioning, gas supply and lighting", "Water supply, sewerage, construction systems of water resources protection", "Building materials and products" "Hydraulic engineering" is only a small part of the topics considered by the section of the Civil Engineering Institute.

The Civil Engineering Institute prepares the elite of the construction industry, leaders and leading specialists of construction and design organizations, department heads, chief project engineers, leading designers and other specialists.


  1. Designing systems and facilities for renewable energy. Green Technologies and Energy Efficiency
  2. Digital building construction
  3. Organization and management of construction and investment projects
  4. Urban construction and economy
  5. Bridges, roads and transport tunnels
  6. Design and calculation of building structures and foundations
  7. Engineering protection of the environment
  8. Environmental engineering
  9. Hydraulics
  10. Marine and waterway construction
  11. Resource-saving construction technology
Victor Vasilyevich Elistratov
  • Degree
    Doctor of Engineering Sciences
  • Rank
Nikolay Dmitrievich Belyaev
  • Degree
    Candidate of Engineering Sciences
  • Rank
    Associate Professor