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About the Conference

XLII «Week of Science SPbPU» – is an anual science and practical conference with an international participation for students, PhDs and young researchers. 

This highly multidisciplinary conference allows to foster dialogue among scholars and practitioners belonging to various disciplines: energy, energy conservation and ecology; new materials and technologies; technology of living systems; IT technologies, etc. Most of the conference reports refer to fundamental sciences, in particular - the physics of space, the physics of nanostructures, biophysics, mechanics. A wide range of reports to technical sciences: energy and energy-saving technologies, construction, ecology, information technology, applied mathematics, robotics.

For more than its 40 years history the "Week of Science SPbPU" was attended by many outstanding scientists and researchers. Among them are Nobel laureate, academician Zh. I. Alferov, a well-known Russian economist, member of corr. RAS V.V. Okrepilov, a specialist in the field of medical nanotechnology, member of corr. RAS M.V. Dubina. Participants of the Conference 

Focus areas of the Conference:

  1. Biomedicine Systems and Technologies
  2. Biotechnologies. Food technologies.
  3. Warfare
  4. Humanitarian Sciences 
  5. Infromation Technologies and Systems
  6. International education programmes
  7. Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering and Transport
  8. Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
  9. Construction and architecture
  10. Theoretical and Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
  11. Technospheric safety
  12. Physics, Nanotechnology and Telecommunications
  13. Physical Education, Sport and Tourism
  14. Industrial Management, Economics and Trade
  15.  Energy and Transport Systems

Languages of the Conference are: English and Russian.

Registration for the Conference is ONLY on-line. To regiter for the Conference submit your report through the electronic registration system by selecting the section.

Submission of reports is carried out through the personal account of the participant of the Conference. The rules of registration of reports are here.

Registration period: from September 10, 2018 to October 14, 2018 (inclusive).

Applications received by mail or by e-mail are not considered and are not registered.

Expertise and competitive selection of submitted reports are carried out by experts of the sections headed by leading scientists of SPbPU.