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Сonditions of Forum participation

Conditions of Participation in the XLII «Week of Science SPbPU»:

1. If you would like to participate in the Forum, please complete the registration form online. Participation requests are accepted until 14 of October 2018.

2. After completing the registration form, it is needed to log in to the Personal Account.

3. For the report submitting in your Personal Account:

  • Select "My reports" section and press to upload the conference paper. Conference papers are accepted ONLY as a Microsoft Word Document (*.doc file extension). Other formats will not be accepted. The paper should be between two (2) and three (3) pages long including figures, tables, any appendices, etc. Papers pers whose content is less than 2 pages and longer than 3 pages will not be reviewed.
  • Please read carefully Paper Submission Requirements
  • Select a relevant Section and Subsection. Submit a text file of the paper by pressing "Select file to upload". Fill all the required fields and save.
  • The paper authorship is assigned to the one who added the file to the system by default. In order to add co-authors it is necessary to enter the name (co-author) in the authors field and select from the drop-down list. All co-authors must be registered on the conference's website.
  • Once you have finished you will recieve a notifation with the submission status information to the e-mail address you have entered.
  • Please notice that participation in the conference is held on a competitive basis. All accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings (Russian Science Citation Index). Authors of accepted papers would be invited for oral presentation at the Conference. The procedure for selecting participants is determined by the organizing committees of specific sections. All submitted papers will have two-stage scientific review. Rejection reasons are not reported to the paper authors.
  • To monitor the status of the submitted materials and to make all the needed correction / modification it is ONLY available in your Personal Account through the peer-reviewing system.
  • To upload modified versions of the paper submitted or to replace a document it is available in your Personal Account in "My reports" section by choosing the report you want to change and by clicking "Correction" upload renewed document with saving.

The Conference Proceedings of the XLII «Week of Science SPbPU» is formed on the basis of reports made at the institute sections / department subsections. The Conference proceedings will be only online published.

Based on the results of the oral presentation sessions, the participants who made the best reports are awarded with certificates. The participants who make the best reports will get the right to be published in the Core reports collection of the Conference. Selection of participants is carried out by the organizing committees of specific sections, the results will be published on the conference website.