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Paper Submission Requirements

Paper Submission Requirements

Conference papers are accepted ONLY as a Microsoft Word Document (*.doc file extension). Other formats will not be accepted. Use the following settings:

  • font - Times New Roman;
  • font style - normal (normal);
  • the font size is 12;
  • line spacing - 1;
  • the intervals between paragraphs are zero;
  • page settings: paper size - A4; fields: upper - 24 mm; bottom - 30 mm; left - 20 mm; right - 20 mm;

Using formulas, the sizes of the symbols in them must coincide with the font sizes of the paper text.

The paper should be between two (2) and three (3) pages long including figures, tables, any appendices, etc. Papers pers whose content is less than 2 pages and longer than 3 pages will not be reviewed.

All figures should be executed in the single images form and placed between paragraphs, flow of text with text is not allowed. All figures should be numbered, font size of the signatures is 11. For the figures to be shown, there must be links in the text. Figures made up of individual elements are not allowed. Numbers, symbols and text inside the figure field should be readable (large enough), taking into account the future reduction of the page size when printing (the transition from A4 format to A5 format).

All tables must be numbered, titled (before the table itself) and referred in the text.

All the references must not be authomatically generated. To make a reference give the number of the source in square brackets after the referred text (number of the source in accordance with the reference list - [1], [2] etc.) References to several sources must be indicated by the page numbers and devided by a semicolon ([1, с. 5-7; 2, с. 4]). In the reference list all the sources must be numbered by arabic numerals with a dot without parentheses (1., 2. etc.). All the sources from the list must be referred in the text. References are numbered in order of its appearence in the text.

The text in the text field is located as follows:


  • on the first line (align to the left - in the upper left corner) the UDC (УДК) of the work is indicated;
  • on the following line (align to the right): initials separated by a space - the author's (authors') surname;
  • on the folllowing line (align to the right): the name of the organization (organizations) in lower case letters;
  • positions and academic degrees of authors are not specified;
  • skip one empty line, on the next line (centered): PAPER TITLE (in capital letters).
  • if co-authours are represented by different organizations, then the "cap" of the paper should be formatted as:

УДК 539.12

А.Y. Egorov 1 , Y.А. Berdnikov 1 , V.Т. Kim 1,2

1 Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic Univerity
2 Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute


  • after the one empty line: paper text (first line of paragraphs - 1 sm);
  • leave one empty line in the end of the text;
  • on the folllowing line: (centered): REFERENCES
  • on the folllowing line: list of souces;
  • font size of the word «REFERENCES» and the list followed is 11;
  • project financial support information should be given in the last paragraph before the "References").